Causes of Brain Injury

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Causes of Brain Injury in Los Angeles

The most common causes of TBI in the U.S. include violence, transportation accidents, construction, and sports.Motor bikes are major causes, increasing in significance in developing countries as other causes reduce. The estimates that between 1.6 and 3.8 million traumatic brain injuries each year are a result of sports and recreation activities in the US. In children aged two to four, falls are the most common cause of TBI, while in older children traffic accidents compete with falls for this position. TBI is the third most common injury to result from . Abuse causes 19% of cases of pediatric brain trauma, and the death rate is higher among these cases. Although men are twice as likely to have a TBI.  Domestic violence is another cause of TBI, as are work-related and industrial accidents. Firearms and blast injuries from explosions are other causes of TBI, which is the leading cause of death and disability in war zones. According to Representative Bill Pascrell (Democrat, NJ), TBI is “the signature injury of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” There is a promising technology called activation database-guided EEG biofeedback, which has been documented to return a TBI’s auditory memory ability to above the control group’s performance.


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