Giving You a

Second Chance at Life

Offering Ventilator Treatment, Speech Therapy, Dialysis & Other Services for
Coma Patients With Brain Injuries

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We Support and Promote Dignity by Emphasizing Assistance in a Variety of Interests,
Abilities, and Needs

Our social services team assists both patients and their families during transitional periods.

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    Health Care

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    Resident Care

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    Independent Living

Areas of Specialization

As a Nursing Home in Chino (Rancho Cucamonga), our congregate living health facilities are quality customized alternatives to hospitalization, nursing home placement, or home nursing care. This dramatic difference is felt the moment you walk through our doors.

When you combine this true home and family environment with sophisticated equipment and highly trained medical staff, you are left with a true recipe for a fast and speedy recovery.

  • Brain Rehabilitation

  • Speech Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • IV Therapy, Including TPN

  • Wound Care, Wound Vac, and Wound Debridement by a Wound Specialist

  • Pain Management

  • Cardiac Wellness and Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Nutrition & Hydration Programs

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Joint Replacement Recovery Program

  • Tracheostomy, Ventilator, and Respiratory / Pulmonary Care

  • Chest Tube Management

  • Restorative Nursing

  • Diabetic Management & Education

  • Pain Management

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Tube Feeding

  • Radiology and Lab Tests

  • Patient and Family Education