Our Success Stories

Thanks For Everything

“Chino Avenue Home My name is Thomas Micheal Lee. I am the son of Thomas Walter Lee Jr who was my father and the first client of your home. I am writing this letter to convey my appreciation for the Chino Avenue Home Staff and owner Steve. The facility and staff was truly a gift and blessing in this challenging stage of both my family and father. The type of care that was given to my father provided me with more than ease. I experienced an investment from the staff and the owner Steve that was more than just completing a job. I witnessed my father being provided love and compassion during his care. My father’s up keep was as consistent as if he was being cared for by family. I can truly say the feeling that Chino Home provided me was a feeling of family. I was more than pleased with maintenance of the environment . I was provided with consistent up to date information in regards to my father’s state of health. The effort and investment asserted by Steve and his staff at Chino Home go beyond my words. I know my father’s final eight months were experienced at the highest one of his condition cloud experience. In closing I infinitely thank Chino avenue Home for all their efforts and investments in the care of my father Gratefully Tomas M. Lee Family”


Excellent Services

“Hola Steve I would like to thank you and your staff there at chino for the work that you do when I first walked in we got a very warm reception that was friendly and helpful, I was actually surprised, pleasantly. We had not experienced that in any of the care facilities before. The attention you gave my father in law , made me so happy to know that he was there with you. God knew that he needed to be in the care facility. I think about the picture you took us, our only family picture that you gave it to us, made warmed my heart. I surely do not have the words to express my gratitude. So I will say thank you. Continue to be the blessing that you are to all and those who you connect with. Sincerely Mahu Torres Lee”

- Mahu Torres Lee

The Best Nursing Facility

“Dear Steve Both Victor and I want you to know how much we appreciate everything that you and your staff does for both of us. With Victor’s injuries we are both so full of anxiety and stress, we have felt so overwhelmed since the accident, but since Victor has been at Chino Avenue Congregate Home, there has finally been room for both of us to breathe a little bit easier. Now that I know that Victor has people that I I trust to take care of him. I have been have able to step back and take a breathe. You have made it possible for me to find some quiet time and pray, take a step back and evaluate. It has been so crazy and stressful for me since the accident. I have had to make one decision after the other, and I really have not had anyone explain anything to me. I feel like I have been operating in the dark, trying to make decisions that are way over my head, but If I don’t work hard to be an advocate for Victor , then he will get lost in the system an die in some hole in the wall nursing facility. You don’t know how much I appreciate you and your staff. It has been a year since his accident and Chino Congregate is so far beyond the care of other facilities, it’s mind blowing. I love the fact that Victor lives in a home and not a facility, not just any home, but a beautiful home on two acres, surrounded by horse ranches. You and your staff are so helpful, patient, kind and prayerful. You guys make all the difference in mine and Victor’s world. God bless you all and thank you. Victor and Carmen”

- Victor

Heaven sent

“What can I say about Chino Ave Congregate other than it was Heaven sent. My 22-year-old son was in a tragic car accident. He suffered a severe Trumatic brain injury. After the hospital deemed my son stable enough they transferred him to a large skilled nursing facility that had 50 sub acute patients. I had a horrible nightmare experience at that facility. My son had pneumonia multiple times and developed an unstageable bed wound. All of this happened even with me being there every day. My son almost died in that large facility. He ended up back in the hospital after a staff member found him blue and they had to perform CPR on him. After that I fought my hardest not to ever send him back to that facility. I relied on my faith in God to provide a good, clean, and caring place for my son. That's when we found Chino Ave Congregate home. I can't even put into words how wonderful this place is. My son has not had pneumonia one time since he's been here and that unstageable bed wound is no more. The quality of care is top notch. The staff and the owner Steve genuinely care. I feel 100% comfortable at night knowing that my son is getting cared for with compassion. The progress my son has made is phenomenal. He gets physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. He gets showers regularly. I can go on and on of all the wonderful things about this place. I am so extremely grateful for the staff that cares for my son. I can actually sleep at night. Chino Ave Congregate is my family. Thank you Chino Ave staff for all you do, I appreciate each and everyone of you. Steve thank you so much for everything you have done for my son and my family I will forever be grateful!”

- Jennifer


“My Mom, Jodi Sherman, was a patient at Chino Avenue Congregate home for 6 weeks. The amount of love and care that she received from Steve and his entire staff, especially Ruesa, was immeasurable. Since my Mom's TBI in May of 2016 when never knew "how much" of her we could get back. While she was there she became much more self aware, more physically able, was able to use the restroom with assistance and was able to eat a diet of solid foods for the first time. She learned to push herself around in the wheelchair for the first time and would sit and eat meals in a regular dining chair at the dining room table. The therapies she received from the amazingly skilled and talented physical, occupational and speech/feeding therapists were above and beyond anything myself, or the rest of my family had ever seen. My only wish is that my Mom could have stayed longer at Chino, but due to health insurance we had to find a new place. Steve, Ruesa, all the nursing staff, and therapists are the best people that actually enjoy what they do and helping another person with a TBI get back to the person that they used to be. I can't thank Chino Avenue enough for everything they did for my Mom. I would recommend this place above and beyond any facility my Mom has stayed in while receiving health care services. Thank you again, we miss Chino Avenue for our Mom and the friendly, smiling faces that welcomed our entire family with open arms.”

- Jillian

Far from home, but worth it!

“I am Currently a Patient Here And I Am The Type Of Person If I’m Not Feeling Something Or Comfortable I’m Not Stay In That Situation Because I’m Over Weight And On A Trachea Tube And Those Are Uncomfortable Enough! But From The Moment I Touched Premises They’ve Gone Above And Beyond To Make Me Feel comfortable! It’s a Hospital/Facility But In A Home Setting So Eveyone Is Treated Like Family and Shown Love And Compassion Now That’s How I Feel So If You Need Some Help Healing This Is The Place Not Only Are Results Shown But You Enjoy The Process Also! So Come On Down!”

- Le Andre Cooper

Miracles Do Exist, Praise to God

“This place was a really an amazing place it felt like a home here , my boyfriend was in a really bad car accident & he was here and him being here they treated him like he was home I couldn’t thank this place enough for being so amazing to him . He was in the hospital for months, with NO IMPROVEMENT, but at Chino Congregate He was able to recover so quickly it amazes me, they staff is so amazing too , everything here was a great experience & always super clean! I highly recommend this place for your loved ones , you won’t regret it !”

- Xinia Reyes

Great place

“Nurses and staff provided us with great car and support. Worth the 40 minute drive.”

- Rodolfo

Total Miricle, NO DOUBT Thank you GOD

“The experience I had visiting my brother at Chino Avenue Congregate Home was really good. The staff really cared about their patients and they always have a good attitude. My brother came there after 3 months in the Hospital and was just laying there with nothing in his eyes. After only 34 days there, he got off the Ventilator, and was able to eat and talk and laugh and hold his new baby that he didn't even know he had. This was a total miracle from God. He is back home with us, living almost normal life.”

- Bryan Perez

The best nursing facility

“My brother was transfer to this facility one month ago and miracles exist we didn't trust any place anymore after having him in different hospitals for a little over 5 months with no changes and no hopes they even holds us that he was going to stay the way he was he was fully on life support just sleep with no reactions he was with the feeding tube and he didn't move we hardly ever saw him awake so our reaction to move him somewhere else was very negative we had heard so much stories about nursing homes it was like an awful idea we even argue with all the personell at that hospital because they were going to transfer him very far from us but thank God now of that change my brothers life change and thanks to all the people in this nursing home now he can communicate, eat, breath with no support and with the physical therapy his able to get up and move most of his body”

- Linda ponce

My brother was in a horrific car accident in November 2018. He was diagnosed with a DAI-TBI grade 2. He wasn’t supposed to wake up but he did...and kept proving all the doctors wrong. He finished his stint at Loma Linda hospital and their TBI program and was walking, talking.. But he wasn’t ready to go home. There Are no decent facilities for people who sustain a brain injury after the hospital and rehab (which is only covered for 1- 2 months). If they are young they go to an elderly home..if someone will take them. No one would take my brother because he was walking, but then our angel named Steve came to meet my brother and said he would give him a chance. Chino Congregate is clean, caring, inspirational and accepting. Steve and his staff were patient with my brother and Always did their best to try and get him further into his healing than when he came in. Steve is also very knowledgeable about programs for young people with TBI’s so they still have a quality of life if they can’t go home after leaving his facility. Steve helped point us to an new place that is a god send for my brother so he still has quality of life and gets to enjoy himself. We were never told places like this existed until meeting Steve. If it wasn’t for Chino Congregate, my brother would have ended up In a nursing home or a facility where they don’t care about the patients (it’s scary out there!). The home setting is so welcoming and we loved the house so much. I truly feel it’s helped my brother move even further in his healing.

- S Dem

These professionals are truly beyond awesome. The crew kept me laughing. Steve, Albert, Ray, Jackie, Connie and the rest of crew thank you!!!

- Aaron Hall

My wife was there about 4 years ago . She couldn't walk but thanks to the staff they rehabilitated her. She walked out of there. No wheelchair. This place is blessed and I always thank God everyday 🙏

- David Luna

This place was a really an amazing place it felt like a home here , my boyfriend was in a really bad car accident & he was here and him being here they treated him like he was home I couldn’t thank this place enough for being so amazing to him . He was able to recover so quickly it amazes me, they staff is so amazing too , everything here was a great experience & always super clean! I highly recommend this place for your loved ones , you won’t regret it !

- Xinia Perez

Our son being in a coma & us living 3,000 miles away makes our dynamics emotionally exhausting. This facility eased our woes. They, themselves, are a family & consider the patients & the patients families their family as well. Because of them, & God, we KNOW our son WILL thrive. We travel to our son frequently but when we can't be with him we know full well that he is loved & taken care of with love & true professionalism. Ever so grateful we are for God guiding us to them. LOVE THEM!

- Karla Noonan

Chino Avenue Home is an exceptionally wonderful place. It is run by the most caring and passionate people, and their attention to detail is phenomenal. The buildings are all beautiful and the food is spectacular. I am proud to know the owner and staff, as they are running the most heart-centered business!

- A Hooshmand

The best company in giving professional tender loving ❤️ care... the only company that does their best 👌 to make the residents health and well being in safe and comfortable situation despite of their health conditions ... God blessed Chino Conglomerate more 🙏 in Jesus's name 🙏

- Arturo Reyes

The experience I had visiting my brother at Chino Avenue Congregate Home was really good. The staff really cared about their patients and they always have a good attitude.

- bryan perez